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About the FIELDS Maintenance team

Our dedicated team has years of experience, extensive training, and exceptional knowledge of both natural grass and synthetic turf maintenance, and we’re accustomed to handling sports complex and multi-sport park projects. Our custom-designed maintenance programs will save you labor and material costs while giving you a facility that is second to none. Our ability to structure long-term agreements coupled with our national buying power affords you, our client, the economy of scale that can be achieved only by the largest of customers.

We’re committed to being your maintenance provider for life. That’s why empowering customers with all the information they need to maintain the highest level of play on their fields is so important to us. Head to our Ask Fields page for answers to many of the most common maintenance-related questions we receive by sport and by surface type. If your question is more in-depth, reach out via phone or email. We’d be happy to talk further and schedule a site visit.

Team Members

Mike Wear, Maintenance Superintendent, Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center

Michael Wear has spent more than 15 years working in landscape maintenance and construction, and six years in facilities maintenance. As the Maintenance Superintendent at Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center, he oversees all aspects of maintenance for the park’s landscaping, fields and buildings.

Working with Payson High School in Utah, Michael designed and implemented a restoration plan for the school’s football field in collaboration with the team coach and industry professionals. He helped them implement an annual maintenance plan to follow moving forward. The field received recognition from the state for safety and playability. He has a passion for the industry and uses this to drive him in maintaining all aspects of the park to the highest standard.